SSPBI is based in San Leandro, CA and welcomes clients throughout Alameda and West Contra Costa counties with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related disabilities between the ages of 18 months to 12 years.

​​SSPBI was formally known as Si Se Puede Behavioral Intervention, Inc. and in 2013 has changed its name to Socially Significant Programming for Behaviors or SSPBI to represent the greater community in which we serve.  "Socially Significant" refers to "ABA's commitment to affecting improvements in behaviors that enhance and improve people's lives" by targeting behaviors "that improve the day-to-day life experience of the participants and/or affect their significant others in such a way that they behave more positively with and toward the participant" (Cooper, Heron & Heward, 2007).

SSPBI's ABA services are overseen by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and implemented by a group of highly trained professionals.  ​​SSPBI is sensitive to the cultural, economic, and societal needs of our community. Our intervention techniques take into consideration the specific abilities and needs of each family and develop a behavior plan accordingly. SSPBI is a multi-lingual agency with professionals who speak English & Spanish.

Our ABA based programs are successful in addressing the developmental delays of individuals with autism and other disabilities by decreasing maladaptive behaviors and increasing socially significant appropriate behaviors and skills.